Notice to the Fontbonne Community, 11-27-20

Dear Fontbonne Community,

I hope you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Day holiday.  Certainly, we are thankful for our students, faculty and staff who have bonded together in helping to protect our community in light of this global pandemic.  As we prepare to return to our classes and/or our work at Fontbonne, I wanted to remind you of our current state of operations on campus.  As you know, the St. Louis County Department of Public Health, right before the holiday break, issued a variety of restrictions that continue to stress the importance of wearing a mask, following quarantine/isolation guidelines, and limiting social interaction within large groups.  We have been taking these actions on campus for quite some time now but, in response to the growing occurrence of positive cases in St. Louis County, we did implement some additional precautions prior to break.  These additional precautions will continue once we return from break and will be in effect for the rest of the fall semester.  Allow me to remind you of these restrictions and any further clarifications that will assist us in our efforts to continue to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 within the Fontbonne community.

  • Most classes are now offered exclusively in a remote format through the end of the fall semester.  There are minimal exceptions, including some fine arts or dietetics classes, which will continue to occur on site.  Professors would have made students aware of these exceptions if you were in these classes.  Additional health and safety protocols will continue to be in place for these on-site classes.
  • Administrative offices and services will continue to be open after the break through the end of the fall semester, although some offices may operate with minimal staff coverage or even remotely if service to students can be maintained, per the discretion of the appropriate vice president.
  • If you are aware of any student/employee on campus that may be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, waiting for test results, or are anxious about being a close contact with a positive case, please refer them immediately to Nurse Carla Hagan for support and direction regarding our campus health and safety protocols.  Please do not advise community members on such protocols without first consulting with the Campus Nurse or, if regarding an employee, Human Resources.
  • Residence halls will continue to be open until December 11.   The Office of Residence Life will communicate with residents regarding any process for those who may have housing needs over the winter break.   Exceptions granted to stay over the break will be very limited this winter due to the COVID-19 situation.
  • Food service will be served only as a “to go” option for the rest of the semester.  We encourage diners to take food to their residence hall room, their private office, or to eat their food elsewhere on campus in a socially distanced manner from others.
  • Events for the remainder of the semester will be limited to only those where fewer than 10 people are present.  In addition, no event will occur where food/drink is being served, regardless of the size of the event.
  • Athletic Department team activity will continue as previously scheduled and regulated by the Athletic Department.
  • It is critical that everyone continue to monitor their own health, using the COVID-19 symptom tracking app as a means to alert you of potential COVID-19 related illness.  It is also critical that, if a student, you notify Carla Hagan, the Campus Nurse, at or at (314) 889-4784 of any COVID-19 positive test or symptoms you may be experiencing.   For employees, please notify Human Resources of such occurrences or any illness that may be keeping you from returning to work.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation on campus and in our local community.  We will update our guidance as needed if circumstances change. Please follow your Fontbonne email and our COVID-19 Griffin Return website for further announcements.   As always, thank you for all you are doing to keep yourself and our community as safe and healthy as possible.



Joe Deighton

Vice President for Student Affairs

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