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Need a Copy of a Police Report?

How to get a copy of a police report or vehicle crash report. Original Source

Community Art & Culture Commission Activities

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Bedtime Stories

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Body-Worn Camera Program

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Additional Activities

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Equine Assisted Therapy

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Community Art & Culture Commission

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Churches of Town & Country

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Fence Permits

All fences require a fence permit, issued when the fence plans comply with city regulations, for a fee. Original Source

Architectural Review

All new residences, front of house additions, subdivision gates, non-residential construction and roof-mounted solar panels that do not face a…

Public Works Commission

The Public Works Commission makes recommendations including construction acceptance or infrastructure improvements and infrastructure needs to the Board of Aldermen…

Building Permits & Inspections

The City of Town and Country issues building and mechanical permits, subject to the requirements of the city. Original Source


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Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission is a statutorily created commission that hears planning and zoning matters that are to come…

Coronavirus Updates and Information

This page will be updated regularly to reflect information received from St. Louis County and the Health Department regarding any…

Virtual Fall Festival

Virtual Fall Festival Original Source

FREE Activities

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Classes & Camps

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The dedicated men and women of the Town and Country Police Department are committed to making our community safe by…

Election Information

Obtain information regarding the elections including how to register to vote, get an absentee ballot, your polling place and important…

Planning & Development

This Development Guide is intended to help you with your Rezoning, Subdivision, Site Plan Review or Conditional Use Permit application….

Public Works & Storm Water

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Town & Country Maps

The City of Town and Country offers a number of maps to meet the needs of our citizens, visitors and…

Deer Management

To learn more about the Town & Country Deer Management Program and access related reports. Original Source

Planning & Public Works

Learn about the Planning and Public Works Department’s four main functions. Original Source

Prosecuting Attorney

Visit this page to see contact information and how to go about requests for recommendations and discovery. Original Source

Police, Fire & EMS Commission

The Police, Fire & EMS Commission makes recommendations to the Board of Aldermen on laws for furtherance of police, fire…