Category: Sunset Hills

Concrete Slab Replacements

Locate details regarding the construction and work involved with concrete slabs replacements in Sunset Hills. Original Source

Municipal Court

Locate details on the Sunset HiIlls Municipal Court such as the types of adjudications, courtroom rules, etc. Original Source

Adult Softball Leagues

Find registration information, the summer schedule, and playoffs sheets and the team roster form. Original Source

Historical Society

Preservation and Promotion of the heritage that is Sunset Hills. Original Source

Parks & Recreation

Fill out our fitness center survey, read our parks and recreation blog, or follow us on Facebook for up coming events. Original Source


The Sunset Hills Parks & Recreation Department operates an outdoor Aquatic Facility located at 12512 W. Watson Rd. This facility is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day each summer. Check out the Aquatics homepage for all the important information about the Aquatic Facility. Original Source


Drop by the community center for a fun low impact game of pickleball. Original Source


Stop by Watson Trail Park for a game of Tennis. These courts are used by the high school, colleges, leagues, for lessons, and local clubs. Original Source


Find a table of all the membership types there are and the prices for resident and non-resident members. Original Source