2022 Salt Dome Wall Repair

A webpage to track and monitor the progress of a repair project for the retaining wall behind the Salt Dome…

2022 Police Facility Roof Repair

In 2022, the Police Facility Roof will be replaced. this page will detail the project and provide updates on the…


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Businesses in Sunset Hills

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Minnie Ha Ha Park

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Secured Paper Shredding

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Outdoor Yoga

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In-House Concrete Work

Find out when the Sunset Hills Street Department will be replacing selected sidewalk sections. Original Source

Swim & Dive

Search through past and present Swim and Dive Advisory Committee agenda and minutes. Original Source

Public Works

The Public Works Committee has the responsibility to look at issues concerning the Public Works Department and may make recommendations…

Pool Advisory

The Pool Advisory Commission report and advise to the Parks and Recreation Board on items concerning the pool. Original Source

Police Advisory

The Police Advisory Board handle issues concerning the Police Department. Original Source

Planning & Zoning

This commission has the authority to recommend regulations as to size, value and type of construction of buildings proposed to…

Parks & Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Board report and advise to the Board of Alderman on all items concerning the Parks Department.…


The Claire Gempp Memorial Park Commission report and advise to the Parks & Recreation Commission on all items concerning the…


The Finance Committee are responsible for gathering assessments and needs from the Department Heads and assembling a city budget. Original…

Economic Development

The purpose of this Economic Development Committee is to insure the continued and progressive development of the business districts; to…

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment are solely responsible for granting permanent variances to properties for perpetuity and also have jurisdiction in…

Course Maps

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Concrete Slab Replacements

Locate details regarding the construction and work involved with concrete slabs replacements in Sunset Hills. Original Source

Nuisance Property

The City reacts to known issues in the community. When these properties fail to comply with Building Code requirements (including…

In-house projects

The City’s 11-man street department work to keep roads clean, fix sidewalks, replace selected slabs not performed under contract, cut…

Elected City Officials

Find contact information for the city Mayor, the Aldermen in charge of each ward, and the city Collector. Original Source

Trench Drain Repair

The trench drains that go across the entire pavement on Sunny Creek and Triple Oaks will be repaired under contract…

Job Fair

Sunset Hills Parks + Recreation Department Job Fair for seasonal and part-time positions Original Source

Asphalt Rehabilitation – Old Gravois & Kennerly

The City of Sunset Hills will be performing street improvements on the intersection of Old Gravois & Kennerly Original Source

Markets and Music at Sunset

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