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Kinetic Park

Kinetic Park in Dardenne Prairie takes extreme sports to the next level with its state-of-the-art 33,000-square foot skate course! Original…

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Situation Report

The most recent Situation Report issued by St. Charles County Regional Emergency Management Original Source

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Emergency Management

The purpose of the St Charles county Division of Emergency Management (DEM) is to promote unified planning and coordination of…

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Humane Division

The Division of Humane Services shelters and adopts animals, educates pet owners, provides animal control services, and investigates incidents involving…

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Available Pets

Browse through adoptable dogs, cats, and other animals. Original Source

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West Nile Virus

See information about the West Nile Virus. Original Source

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GIS Disclaimer

Disclaimer about the use of data provided by St. Charles County Geographic Information Systems Original Source

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Food Code

The St. Charles County Food Code is designed to safeguard public health and to provide consumers with food that is…

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Mosquito Control

The primary goal of the program is to reduce the mosquito population in order to decrease the risk of mosquito-borne…

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Our Treatment Zones

The Division of Environmental Health and Protection’s Mosquito Control program works in unincorporated St. Charles County and several municipalities to…

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Request Mosquito Spraying for Your Neighborhood

If you would like us to come and treat your neighborhood for mosquitoes and live in our contracted treatment areas,…

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Environmental Division

Look up information about our environmental division. Original Source

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With St. Charles County’s population expanding and new subdivisions built in areas that were once uninhabited, there is a good…

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Election Authority

Learn about voting and elections within the county. Original Source

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Custody and Security

The Custody and Security Division is responsible for the overall activity within the Adult Detention Facility. Original Source

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Terry Hollander – District 5

Council Members, Terry Hollander Original Source

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County Council

All legislative powers of the county are vested in the County Council. Original Source

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Conditional Use Permit

Within each zoning district, the Unified Development Ordinance specifies a range of land uses which the County’s zoning standards allow…

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Calculating Estimated Property Taxes

Learn how to calculate estimated personal property and real estate taxes. Original Source

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Convention and Sports Facilities Authority (CSFA)

On April 16, 1992, the St. Charles County Commission issued an order creating the St. Charles County Convention and Sports…

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Motor Vehicle Registration

Look up information about motor vehicle registration. Original Source

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Tax Sale Information

Explore information about tax sales. Original Source

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Project CARE

Project CARE is a program that helps homeless and indigent residents in our community. Original Source

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COVID-19 Resources for Download

Social distancing is one of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19. Below are flyers and name badges…

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Partial and Advance Payments

With the pace and financial demands of the November and December holiday season, property tax bills often become an afterthought…

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Obtaining Copies of Tax Receipts

Information on how to obtain a copy of paid tax receipts. Original Source

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Ways to Pay

Find out how to pay your bill. Original Source

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