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Facility Dog – Sully

Sully is a facility dog and a member of the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney. Original Source

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T.R.E.N.D. (Taking Responsibility and Empowering New Direction) is a program designed for young, first-time, non-violent offenders. Original Source

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Contact Us

Read the Prosecuting Attorney contact message. Original Source

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Pet Adoption Center

The St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center opened in November 1999 as the home to the Division of Humane Services….

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Dog Parks

Learn more about the off-leash dog areas (aka dog parks) in St. Charles County Parks. Original Source

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Schedule a COVID Vaccine Appointment

Register for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment. Original Source

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Protecting Your Environment

Information for residents about ways to protect the environment in St. Charles County Original Source

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Voter Registration Information

Find out where to register to vote and the easiest ways to do it. Original Source

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Voting in St. Charles County

Review various details about voting within the county. Original Source

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Polling Place Search

Locate your polling place and learn more about your precinct. Original Source

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Township Committees (PDF)

View and print a list of election committee members. Original Source

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Property Sales

St Charles County periodically has property for sale. Original Source

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Electronic Recording

information about eRecording with the County Original Source

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The St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for court services and security, prisoner transport, civil process and bailiffs. Original…

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Prosecuting Attorney

The mission of the St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is to promote justice and to protect the people of…

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Information Systems

The Information Systems Department provides functional, reliable, and secure county-wide information systems of the highest quality. Original Source

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Human Resources

We work as a strategic partner with St. Charles County Government leadership, with individual employees, and with the general public…

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The St. Charles County Highway Department maintains and improves existing public county roads, as well as constructs new roads, provides…

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The Finance Department administers and coordinates financial services for all St. Charles County Government offices. Original Source

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View contact information for the County Executive. Original Source

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Facilities Management

The St. Charles County Department of Facilities Management works to protect, safeguard and maintain all county buildings. Original Source

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County Counselor

The County Counselor’s office conducts all the civil law business of the county, its departments, divisions, offices, officers, boards and…

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The Department of Communications plans and coordinates communications about St. Charles County Government. Original Source

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2020 Census

Information about and resources for the 2020 U.S. Census. Original Source

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Duello Road (Phase 3A)

Information and progress updates for the Duello Road Phase 3A project. Original Source

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Election Results

We begin tabulation after the first precincts have checked in their ballots, and then the results are posted online and…

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Become an Election Judge

The St. Charles County Election Office is in need of election judges to work at the 121 polling places within…

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Candidates & Incumbents

This is intended to assist citizens in their search for information regarding federal, state and local government officials. Original Source

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Upcoming Elections

Learn where to find various election day information including calendars, polling places, and committee members. Original Source

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