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Outdoor Warning Sirens

Commonly called “tornado sirens,” outdoor warning sirens may be the most instantly recognizable method of public warning currently in use….

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COVID-19 Town Hall

Information about the Virtual COVID-19 Town Hall March 12. Original Source

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Route N and Z Intersection Realignment

Realigning the intersection of Route Z and Route N Original Source

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Boards and Commissions

Review information about the different boards and commissions active in the community. Original Source

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Maintaining County Roads

Road maintenance operations include pavement and curb patching and replacement, pipe replacement, ditching, snow removal, bridge maintenance, roadway striping, signals,…

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Social Media

Social Media Original Source

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Monthly Disbursement Reports

View monthly disbursement reports from the Collector of Revenue. Original Source

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Industrial Development Authority

Meet the Industrial Development Authority members. Original Source

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Broemmelsiek Park Visitors Center

Once the home of Jack and Betty Broemmelsiek, this beautiful facility has a meeting room that may be reserved for…

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Dog Parks

Learn more about the off-leash dog areas (aka dog parks) in St. Charles County Parks. Original Source

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Weddings in County Parks

St. Charles County Parks have perfect venues to say “I Do!” Learn more about our wedding venues. Original Source

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Board of Equalization

The Board of Equalization hears appeals and equalizes the valuation and assessment of taxable property. Original Source

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Concealed Carry Permit Renewal Instructions

View requirements for a renewal permit. Original Source

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Affordable Rental Program

Information about the Affordable Rental Program and how to apply. Original Source

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Candidates & Incumbents

This is intended to assist citizens in their search for information regarding federal, state and local government officials. Original Source

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St. Charles County Transit Authority

The St. Charles County Transit Authority plans, funds, constructs, and operates transportation facilities under the powers prescribed in sections 238.400…

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St. Charles County TIF Commission

The St. Charles County Tax Increment Financing Commission holds public hearings and makes recommendations on projects under the Real Property…

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SCC Employee Retirement Plan Advisory Committee

The Retirement Plan Advisory Committee reviews all aspects of retirement plans and makes recommendations to the County Executive Original Source

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Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board makes recommendations for developing and improving the county parks. Original Source

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Merit System Commission

The Merit System Commission oversees the merit system for county government employees. Original Source

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Master Plan Steering Committee

The Master Plan Steering Committee recommends a Master Plan for the development of the county. Original Source

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Domestic Violence Board

The Domestic Violence Board administers the distribution of voter approved fees to shelters for victims of domestic violence. Original Source

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Community Assistance Board

Community Assistance Board administers the distribution of funds to non-profit agencies for indigent and homeless assistance programs. Original Source

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Commission on Housing Assistance

The Commission on Housing Assistance receives comments and makes recommendations to resolve concerns regarding the county‚Äôs Housing Assistance Program. Original…

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Commission on Environmental Quality

The Commission on Environmental Quality advises on policy decisions regarding the environment, and reports on any issues related to the…

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Building Commission

The purpose of the Building Commission is to develop and recommend adoption of codes, regulations, and license and inspection fees…

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