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Nutrition plays an important role in eye health

There is evidence that nutrients can play an important role in treating and preventing age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of vision loss in people over the age of 60 in the United States… Original Source

Steam canning: A new option for seniors

The National Center for Home Food Preservation added steam canning to the list of approved methods for safe home food preservation. This could be a great option for seniors because steam canners are easier to handle, they allow you to preserve just a few jars at a time, and they cut down on expenses related

Atmospheric steam canning – A new option

For many years, boiling water canning has been the process used to safely can foods high in acid. University of Wisconsin Extension has released another tested process for safely canning high-acid foods: atmospheric steam canning… Original Source

Pick a peck of peppers this summer

Peppers come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and flavors ranging from sweet to spicy hot. They are a colorful addition to any meal or they can be enjoyed as a snack… Original Source

Shop safe at farmers markets

Farmers markets are a great place to buy healthy local produce and other foods, but shoppers should also pay attention to food safety when buying and using foods from farmers markets… Original Source

Grilling adds flavor, but avoid charring to reduce carcinogens

Summer is a great time to fire up the grill. The intense, direct heat of grilling gives food a wonderful crusty texture and flavor that we love. Unfortunately, at high temperatures, proteins in meat, chicken and fish can naturally form carcinogenic compounds called HCAs and PAHs. Here are tips to avoid charring in order to

Making sense of the new food label

Today’s consumers are fortunate to have widespread information and sophisticated tools available that enable us to make healthy, well-informed food and beverage choices. The FDA recently published a new Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods that will provide us with even more information. The changes to the new nutrition facts label include… Original Source

Say goodbye to hidden trans fat

The FDA released exciting news – they have taken action to protect consumers from trans fat and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (PHOs). Trans fat is thought to be a contributing factor to coronary heart disease and fatal heart attacks. Manufacturers rely heavily on PHOs but you may not even know that it’s in your food

Do you need to detox your body?

A deep body cleanse sounds healthy but, according to Tufts University, you need to get the facts before you try this trend. It may do more harm than good. So how do you help your body rid itself of toxins naturally?… Original Source

It’s OK to go to bed angry

“Don’t go to bed angry.” The saying may be one of the oldest pieces of relationship advice still in circulation. But it may not always be the best advice. Here is why you should consider putting your anger on pause overnight… Original Source

Tax refund advice: Save some, spend some

Refunds are ready to roll out. Keep in mind that refunds are wages you earn throughout the year and should be thought of as hard-earned money rather than found money. Here are some options for putting your refund to good use… Original Source

Waist size can be indicator of pre-diabetes

Even in the 21st century, a tape measure may be quite telling. Research shows that waistline measurement is a good indicator of diabetes risk and is generally more accurate than body mass index (BMI) readings… Original Source

Small steps to heart health

February is National Heart Month so it’s a great time to make a change for better heart health. There are steps people can take to reduce the risk for heart disease. By making small steps in the right direction, it will be possible to live healthier and feel better… Original Source

Measuring your financial well-being

After just making new year’s goals and during tax preparation season, this is the perfect time to do a self-assessment of your financial well-being. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a financial well-being questionnaire… Original Source

File income tax returns early

The saying goes, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Early filing of income tax returns can do the same for many, says University of Missouri Extension personal finance specialist Andrew Zumwalt… Original Source

Donate with your heart and a plan

Gift-giving should be part of a larger personal financial plan that reflects your values of spending, saving and sharing. Valentine’s Day is a good time to make or review charitable giving plans… Original Source

Dietary Guidelines 2015

Every five years the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services publish the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to help us consume a healthy and nutritionally adequate diet. Here are some of the key recommendations from the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans… Original Source

Have you had 15 laughs today?

How many laughs have you had today? Researchers suggest that the average American laugh 15 times or more a day for health maintenance. Here are some benefits of having laughter in your everyday life… Original Source

Almond milk – healthy or hype?

Despite the many nutrients cow’s milk provides, plant-based milks (almond milk in particular) have grown in popularity and sales over the past few years. Why is almond milk so popular and what does it have to offer? Is the popular choice always the right choice?… Original Source

Create successful action plans for improved health

Although we have reminders around us of the national obesity crisis, lifestyle changes are difficult for most individuals. To modify lifestyle, one needs personal resolve; small, intentional, gradual changes; and the necessary emotional and moral support. Evidence shows that well-written personalized action plans are also effective instruments of behavior change… Original Source

Simple steps to avoid injuries in the home

Each year, thousands of Americans are injured at home. The good news is that there are simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your family. Here are some suggestions to make your home safer… Original Source

Preserve jam, jelly and other sweet spreads with reduced sugar

As berries and other fruits ripen, many think about preserving the harvest as a sweet spread. To make it lower in sugar and calories, one might be tempted to leave out the sugar or use sugar substitute, but this is not recommended when preserving them. Instead, try these options to reduce the sugar in sweet

How to calculate the cost per mile to drive

The best way to gain control of your finances is to determine how much everything in your daily life costs. Everyone pays attention to how much fuel costs, but do you know how much you spend on each mile you drive? This is a method to determine exactly how much it costs… Original Source

What do we know about hoarding?

Hoarding is a serious issue. Media coverage and reality television shows on this topic have been raising awareness of how hoarding impacts people’s health, daily living and safety. Here are some of the warning signs that may lead to hoarding… Original Source

Brussels sprouts can be a nutritious treat

Brussels sprouts are not typically a favorite from the vegetable group. But when they are selected well, eaten soon after picking and cooked properly, they can be a nutritious treat… Original Source

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is known for boosting health and lowering risk for chronic diseases. This should not be thought of as a temporary diet, but rather a lifestyle change for improved eating habits and better health. Here are some ways you can incorporate Mediterranean eating into your lifestyle… Original Source

Spice up your cooking with turmeric

Turmeric is a golden colored culinary spice used often in curry dishes. It gives mustard that bright yellow shade and has been commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine for its health properties… Original Source